College Park Exterior Reno

This project began with removing a leaning chimney during re-shingling. The prior shingling job (7-10 years earlier) had allowed substantial leaking and was never fixed properly. As a result, the leaking had rotted away at the roof deck and weakened a couple of trusses. So, while we had the shingles removed, we did all the necessary repairs to the garage trusses and roof deck, then framed the fascia to match the other side.

The remainder of the project was to completely renew the exterior of this 1970s 4 level split which included but was not limited to the following:

  • replacing most windows in the house with triple-pane high efficiency windows
  • removing a bay window in the living room and replacing with a standard window
  • remove old siding and wrapping the house with 2” of enerfoil insulation
  • new soffit, fascia and eaves
  • new siding, including some architectural features on the front of the house
  • new light fixtures
  • quality stone veneer accenting the house front

Essentially this house is brand new around the outside and boasts a greater R-value than the majority of new houses built today.

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Take it from our customers

Mari-Lou (Saskatoon)

“My experience with Home Sweet Home Builders was extremely positive. Troy and his crew are professional, and courteous, and they did an excellent job on my roof and deck. Most importantly, as a woman who knows nothing about building, I had felt like I could trust their work and their word implicitly.”

Chris (Saskatoon)

Polite, friendly, prompt. Quick to address concerns. Good quality construction. We are very happy with your work.

Joe (Saskatoon)

Very pleased with technical knowledge and preparatory explanations . Work was done efficiently in good time.

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