Exhibition Exterior Reno

This fall renovation project covered the entirety of the exterior of this 1950s raised bungalow in the Exhibition area of Saskatoon.

The project began in late summer with replacing the old shingles with 50 yr. Fibreglass SBS Modified Malarkey Legacy shingles to the house and garage. We also added ridge venting to give optimal performance in ventilating the attic space. Then in fall we renewed the remainder of the exterior with the exception of only one door in the back which had been replaced a few years earlier.

This project included but was not limited to the following revisions:

  • remove old siding and wrapping the house with 2” enerfoil insulation
  • wrapping the foundation with 2” insulation and using ½” treated plywood to fasten it to the cinderblocks
  • changing all windows to triple-pane windows with two high performance low-e coatings (these windows have an R-value that is essentially the same as an insulated 2×4 wall)
  • all basement windows upgraded to arctic frames (a protective guard of the frame extending out approximately 3” from the window) to limit the influence of the wind on heat loss through the windows
  • new horizontal vinyl siding on the main floor and new board-and-baton style siding on the foundation
  • new soffit, fascia and eaves
  • opening airways through the rafters from the soffits to increase ventilation through the attic

From top to bottom, this house is brand new on the exterior and boasts a much greater performance than most new houses

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Take it from our customers

Craig (Saskatoon)

Great crew, very respectful.

Len (Saskatoon)

We were extremely pleased with the quality of the work done.

Caryl (Saskatoon)

The communication with Troy was excellent, and he matched another competitor without hesitation. The crew worked fast and they seemed to be very organized. To come home and find only 1 nail in my yard was fantastic!

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