From May through August we employ a roofing crew that specializes exclusively in re-shingling existing homes. This crew is hired not only for their ability, but also for their strong work ethic and quality of character. If you hire us to re-roof your house, we hope that you will notice a substantial difference in the quality of character and attention to detail in the service that we provide from most construction companies.

As well as putting a trustworthy roof over your head, I (Troy) aim to assist you in making decisions that will make your roof function as effectively as possible with the rest of your home. When I provide the free estimate to replace the shingles on your roof, I do a comprehensive assessment of all the components that interact with your roof so that you can make any necessary changes at the time to avoid future problems or costs.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • ventilation (soffits & roof)
  • underlay
  • roof slope
  • old vent/chimney removal
  • chimney modifications & construction
  • roof deck repair
  • soffit, fascia & eaves troughs

The entry level shingle we recommend is the BP Mystique 42 which offers a lifetime limited warranty and many colours to choose from. BP also offers other styles such as the Manoir line. However, if you have a distinction shingle or style in mind, we are certainly able to accommodate that as well.

If it’s in the budget, we recommend doubling the life expectancy of your roof system with the Malarkey Legacy 50 yr. warranty shingle which has outstanding durability with a difference you can see and feel.

Vicwest offers a variety of metal styles and colours.

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